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Spike and Range Tents


Add to the “R” value of your tent.  The Teton Tent fly provides an air space between the tent and the cold, keeping the tent roof dry.  The 12″ overhang of the fly at the wall allows the rain and snow to fall away from the tent.  Made of XL-Tex, a water repellent, tear resistant, mildew and flame resistant fabric, this tent fly is all you need to make your Teton Tent a drier, warmer refuge.

On the Teton fly the grommets are approximately 5′ apart at the sides and there is a grommet front and back at the peak.  All grommets are reinforced for extra strength.  The fly includes a stove pipe opening with flap in the standard location.  Ropes, stakes, and rope tighteners are included.

Product Options

Tent Fly Price Weight
10x10 Teton Fly $270.00 10 pounds
12x12 Teton Fly $297.00 15 pounds

Product Options

Price: from $270.00

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