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The Marquee tent design dates back to the Renaissance period.  This tent has been made specifically for vendors at rendezvous and historical trade fairs but it is also appropriate for family camps.  The Marquee tent does not come with the poles to set it up.  The 4 piece sidewalls are detachable and movable, attached under the valance utilizing cotton rope and snap hooks.  The walls can also be lifted up like awnings for added trade space or for shade.  The sidewalls of the Marquee are 7 foot high to allow ease of entry.  Corners lace together and stake loops are placed every 3 feet along the bottom edge of the walls.  The valance of the tent is bound with blue or red binding and comes in a choice of 3 scallops.  These are extra options for the Marquee Tent.  The Marquee tent is made to be supported by 2 center uprights and 10 side poles.  Special pole harnesses and reinforced spur grommets ensure strength and durability where the poles are used.

Included with the Marquee Tent:

  • Guy Ropes
  • Tent Bag


Options available for the Marquee Tent:

  • Rope Tighteners (14)
  • Stove Shield with Flap
  • Sod Cloth
  • Wind Valance
  • Stakes
  • Sides



Product Options

Product Size Fabric Price Weight
12x15 Flame - 10.10oz $827.00 43 pounds
12x15 Marine - 10.10oz $742.00 38 pounds
12x15 Natural - 12oz $637.00 43 pounds
15x18 Flame - 10.10oz $1,043.00 55 pounds
15x18 Marine - 10.10oz $925.00 47 pounds
15x18 Natural - 12oz $771.00 54 pounds
15x21 Flame - 10.10oz $1,184.00 61 pounds
15x21 Marine - 10.10oz $1,042.00 58 pounds
15x21 Natural - 12oz $855.00 61 pounds

Product Options

Price: from $637.00

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