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Backyard Tipi


Reliable Tent and Tipi will be having their annual Winter Tent Sale now thru February 28th!!  All items will be 15% off retail.  Enter coupon code TENT SALE to get your discount.  The discount will be applied at the time of check out.  Discount amount will be at the bottom of your screen.

Tipi Floor Tarps are made out of a tough 18oz vinyl tarp material.  It is available in several different colors.  Floor tarps may not exaclty match the footprint of the tipi.  You may cut them down to fit.  The fabric will not fray.  A fire pit opening can be cut out as well.  This fabric is not flame retardant.  There are more colors available we have only listed the brown and tan as these are the most popular.  If you prefer a different color please note it in the comments.  The price will remain the same.

Product Options

18 oz Vinyl Tipi Size Price Weight
Brown 24 foot $300.00 59 pounds
Brown 22 foot $234.00 50 pounds
Brown 20 foot $200.00 41 pounds
Brown 18 foot $180.00 34 pounds
Brown 16 foot $176.00 27 pounds
Brown 14 foot $124.00 21 pounds
Brown 12 foot $95.00 15 pounds
Brown Backyard Tipi Floor $54.00 10 pounds
Tan 24 foot $300.00 59 pounds
Tan 22 foot $234.00 50 pounds
Tan 20 foot $200.00 41 pounds
Tan 18 foot $180.00 34 pounds
Tan 16 foot $176.00 27 pounds
Tan 14 foot $124.00 21 pounds
Tan 12 foot $95.00 15 pounds
Tan Backyard Tipi Floor $54.00 10 pounds

Product Options

Price: from $54.00

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