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Snap in Floor


Reliable Tent and Tipi will be having their annual Winter Tent Sale now thru February 28th!!  All items will be 15% off retail.  Enter coupon code TENT SALE to get your discount.  The discount will be applied at the time of check out.  Discount amount will be at the bottom of your screen.


The Reliable Vinyl Floor is made out of an 18oz vinyl coated nylon.  The floor is waterproof and puncture proof to the average rock or twigs.  It lays on the ground out so you can clean it out very easily. It is available in Brown, Green, or Tan material.  A breathable mesh is offered at the same price.  Please call us to place an order for a mesh floor.

Product Options

18 oz Vinyl Product Size Price Weight
10x12 Brown $164.00 0 pounds
10x12 Green $164.00 0 pounds
10x12 Tan $164.00 0 pounds
12x14 Brown $208.00 0 pounds
12x14 Green $208.00 0 pounds
12x14 Tan $208.00 0 pounds
12x16 Brown $245.00 0 pounds
12x16 Green $245.00 0 pounds
12x16 Tan $245.00 0 pounds
12x18 Brown $259.00 0 pounds
12x18 Green $259.00 0 pounds
12x18 Tan $259.00 0 pounds
14x16 Brown $273.00 0 pounds
14x16 Green $273.00 0 pounds
14x16 Tan $273.00 0 pounds
16x20 Brown $344.00 0 pounds
16x20 Green $344.00 0 pounds
16x20 Tan $344.00 0 pounds
8x10 Brown $128.00 0 pounds
8x10 Green $128.00 0 pounds
8x10 Tan $128.00 0 pounds

Product Options

Price: from $128.00

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