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Party Tents


Reliable Tent and Tipi will be having their annual Winter Tent Sale now thru February 28th!!  All items will be 15% off retail.  Enter coupon code TENT SALE to get your discount.  The discount will be applied at the time of check out.  Discount amount will be at the bottom of your screen.


Our Party Tents are great for backyard bar-b-ques, weddings, and 4th of July parties.  The possibilities are endless.  You will enjoy these high quality tents for years to come.

•Prices include steel stakes, aluminum poles, ropes and rope tighteners
•Tops are made of 13oz. vinyl laminated polyester
•All sizes have 7' high sides and 10' high peaks
•Stock colors: white, yellow, green or blue, and stripes of any two of these colors
•Dirt and mildew resistant
•Certified flame resistant to meet CPAI 84, an industry wide standard
•Special dialectical heat sealing makes each top stronger than if it were sewn and with no needle holes, there will be no water leakage
•Fast and simple installation (set up instructions included with each canopy)
•Aluminum poles break down for easy storage
•Detachable 10oz white vinyl laminated side walls available in 7' x 20' sections.  The 20x20 requires 4 side walls to totally enclose, 20x30 requires 5 side walls, and the 20x40 requires 6 side walls.  Click Here to order Side Curtains.


Product Options

Party Tent Fabric Product Size Price Weight
20x20 Blue $1,218.00 100 pounds
20x20 Blue and White Stripes $1,314.00 100 pounds
20x20 Green $1,218.00 100 pounds
20x20 Green and White Stripes $1,314.00 100 pounds
20x20 White $1,218.00 100 pounds
20x20 Yellow $1,218.00 100 pounds
20x20 Yellow and White Stripes $1,314.00 100 pounds
20x30 Blue $1,636.00 145 pounds
20x30 Blue and White Stripes $1,752.00 145 pounds
20x30 Green $1,636.00 145 pounds
20x30 Green and White Stripes $1,752.00 145 pounds
20x30 White $1,636.00 145 pounds
20x30 Yellow $1,636.00 145 pounds
20x30 Yellow and White Stripes $1,752.00 145 pounds
20x40 Blue $2,059.00 170 pounds
20x40 Blue and White Stripes $2,309.00 170 pounds
20x40 Green $2,059.00 0 pounds
20x40 Green and White Stripes $2,309.00 170 pounds
20x40 White $2,059.00 170 pounds
20x40 Yellow $2,059.00 170 pounds
20x40 Yellow and White Stripes $2,309.00 170 pounds

Product Options

Price: from $1,218.00

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