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Backyard Tipi 10.10oz Marine-Flame

8'6" diameter, the Backyard Tipi is both fun and functional. Children love it as a playhouse. Great for kids backyard sleepovers. Lightweight, packable, and easy to set up. The Backyard Tipi is perfect for scout or church camps, day care centers and youth activity clubs. The tipi is assembled with double stitching and all areas of stress are reinforced. The door has an adjustable opening for easy entry. All Backyard Tipis can be painted with Latex or Acrylic Paint. This is a great way for children to make it their own.

Our treated 10.10oz. per square yard army duck is double filled and is offered for its flame resistant qualities, meeting the flammability standards of CPAI-84, an industry wide standard.  In addition to being flame resistant, it is also treated for water repellency and mildew resistance. This fabric makes an excellent choice where a durable, economic and flame resistant material is important.

The Backyard Tipi comes complete with 10' break-down poles for ease of packing and storage, stakes, lace pins, smoke flap sticks and a bag. We will even include some colored streamers that can be tacked to the poles for decoration. The total weight is 29lbs, ships via UPS.


Included:                                        Options:
- Tipi                                                - Door cover
- 10' break-down poles                   - Vinyl floor tarp
- Stakes
- Lace pins
- Smoke flap sticks
- Carry bag
- Colorful streamers

Product Options

Backyard Tipi Fabric Backyard Tipi Door Cover Backyard Tipi Floor Price Weight
10.10oz Marine-Flame 10.10oz Marine-Flame Brown $303.00 30 pounds
10.10oz Marine-Flame 10.10oz Marine-Flame None $249.00 29 pounds
10.10oz Marine-Flame 10.10oz Marine-Flame Tan $303.00 30 pounds
10.10oz Marine-Flame Brown None $284.00 30 pounds
10.10oz Marine-Flame None None $230.00 29 pounds
10.10oz Marine-Flame None Tan $284.00 30 pounds

Product Options

Price: from $230.00

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